Single action pedal harp 36 strings – Tyrolian timbre

This instrument was designed mainly for Tyrolean folk music. The vibrant nature of the bass and accompaniment and the somewhat higher proportion of bass in the tone are characteristically. 

Product details: Typical Tyrolian timbre 36 strings, B6 – b1 height 156 cm, weight 14 kg Pricelist Harp is built of spruce wood. These colors are available >> Mürnseer color palette.

Wood is alive. It reacts sensitively to changes in the humidity, which might even influence the sound of the instrument. The new intonation stabilization mechanism compensates for these changes and maintains tones precisely. All our harps are equipped with this groundbreaking system.

A name or monogram lends your instrument personality. We are happy to send examples of possible lettering by email.